Wireless Flash system for Olympus OMD

I have an Olympus M4/3 camera system for a while but been looking for a wireless flash system to go with it.  I have finally decided to give the Yonguo flash system a try.   My wireless flash system consists of a YN 560TX (transmitter) + 2x YN 560IV + 1x YN 560III.  Their output flash power have to be manually adjusted of course as there is no TTL with this system.  I tried them out for the first time yesterday with the YN560TX on my EM5II and a YN560IV on a softbox.  They seem to work well.  I just need to see how long they last as I've heard a few have experienced issue with the YN560IV, maybe on the earlier batches ?   Let's hope these will last because I really like them.  

Olympus OMD & Yongnuo YN560IV YN560III

Below is the result of a shot from the test shoo with a YN560IV on a softbox on camera left.


Model : Yasemin Islek

HMUA : Baby Doll Makeup Artistry

Crown : Chrysalini

Photography : That's The Shot